25 October 2008

Inside the Fridge of a Foodie

A couple of weeks ago, the New York Times Sunday Magazine had its "Food Issue." One article had an interactive online feature, "Inside the Fridge of a Foodie." I admit to running to my refrigerator to see what was actually in there while listening to each of the food activists describe the content of their fridge. I thought it would be fun (for me at least) to write about what is in my refrigerator today.
These pictures are not actually that great. But right now I have two local cheeses, brita filter water, raw milk from the market, homemade jam (plum-nectarine and plum by me, strawberry by Elisha), salsa (also made by Elisha), leftover pumpkin, sweet potato, cauliflower dal that I made with goodies from my CSA.
Here you can see the raw milk better as well as the cheeses. In the paper bag is Elisha's half of this week's share: beets, cauliflower, apples, potatoes, onions, granola. Half a dozen eggs belong to her as well. The other dozen cage-free organic eggs are mine from the share (half from this week and still six from last week!).
It's hard really to see, but in the crisper I have apples and cauliflower (both in plastic bags I reuse to keep apples crisp and cauliflower fresh). My CSA share beets were already roasted this afternoon to be ready for a weeks worth of grazing. The yoghurt container houses the dal leftovers. I have some sundried tomatoes in the back, along with some of my homemade jam, wheat germ, and quite old brown sugar that gets used in Christmas cookies, but little else, as I prefer honey, maple syrup or organic evaporated cane juice. Often you could find a cat on this lower shelf, as Firlefanz loves to dive in every time I open the fridge!
Here (from the bottom up) I have local apple cider, more jam I made, raw milk that went sour that I am saving for baking, two local maple syrups (I had bought some from the co-op not realizing that I would get some in my CSA share the following week), some organic Trader Joe's mayo, an elderly stonehill jam, and then assorted condiments (curry paste, organic mustards, soy sauce, organic peanut butter). At the very top I have some organic unsalted butter, cream cheese, cat antibiotics, capers, yeast. In my tiny, in-desperate-need-of-defrosting freezer can be found frozen whole wheat pizza dough from the summer, leftovers of a variation of Paula's vegetable cous cous and harissa from a few weeks ago, coffee beans, ice cubes, organic unsalted butter.
Does it get more exciting?
I generally keep squash, pumpkins, tomatoes, garlic, onions and potatoes (and often bread -- this week a yummy rye, always from the wonderful Four Worlds Bakery) out of the fridge. I have assorted legumes, grains, rice and nuts in jars on a shelf. Spices, honey, sugar, tea are in cupboards. And there you go!
What's in your fridge?


  1. Sounds like you've got some good supplies! It makes me wonder what is lurking in my fridge!

    I'm glad you are writing!!

  2. This is sucha great post! I love seeing what other folks have in their fridge. You've inspired me to do a post about my fridge too!