15 January 2009

The ChallaMan!

I have mentioned in the past that I order my bread, flour, sucanat and even grain litter from a West Philly based bakery, Four Worlds Bakery. Along with his goods, customers and community member receive email updates with new, order information and feedback. This week found a video embedded in the email. When Michael Dollich moved his bakery from his own basement to a professional bakery space several blocks north and west, he chose what some might consider an unconventional means to transport the heavy wares: bicycles via the Philadelphia Pedal Co-op.
In the video Michael discusses his aspirations for having a carbon neutral business, serving the community and why he believes being a baker suits him much better than his previous career: law.

Check it out!

1 comment:

  1. stale challah makes for some great french toast.